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Image by Caleb Wright
Image by Matthew Smith


Guided Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy

Many folks enjoy taking their time outside, going slowly and tuning into their senses. These are the things we do on a nature therapy walk or when we're forest bathing. Joining a walk led by a certified forest therapy guide is a different experience - it lets us let go of wondering where we are going and how long we are there and it gives us extra space to engage with guide-offered sensory invitations.  Join a walk I offer to the public or reach out about bringing a walk to your group. 

Visit my Eventbrite page to see upcoming public walks.


Guided Natural Mindfulness

Guided Natural Mindfulness is a different approach than forest bathing - it brings our awareness of our own minds to the fore and gently draws our attention to the world around us with intention.

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Dani Buckle


Bespoke nature connection groups for adults & youth

Different groups have unique experiences of the outdoors and engage with nature in varied ways. Elementary school kids, teenagers and adults all connect with our world in unique ways. Groups can be designed with specific groups in mind in hopes of fostering relevance and enjoyment for all.


Guided LGBTQ+ group sessions

Guided groups specifically for queer-identifying folks can provide more a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for many. Taking time to be in the natural world is important for everyone and we should all feel able to take part as our full selves.  

Image by Robert  Zunikoff
Image by Mahdiar Mahmoodi


Collaborations & partnerships

There are so many ways to bring the advantages of natural kinship to individuals that you serve. I've worked with regional organizations, national organizations and local businesses to bring experiences to their clients and their staff. Guiding is a flexible skill that can bend to fit almost any circumstance whether in-person or remote.  

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